Debugging Keyboard Shortcuts Chromebook OS (April 2023)

Debugging keyboard shortcuts Chromebook, might be this is the intent you are looking for, or What is chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts? Because both are interrelated. You will get to know the debugging power on the ChromeOS from chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts.

Chromebook has various features that are locked inside it and you have to enable it, by following debugging keys.

ChromeOS has many experimental features, you can access all from chrome://flags. If somehow your chromeOS freeze or lags you can fix it using the shortcuts keys on Chromebook.

debugging keyboard shortcuts chromebook

Last month I had a problem with my Chrome device, suddenly my chrome book touchscreen froze and stopped working.

Then I get to know, how to find debugging keyboard shortcuts touch screen. And I tried it on my laptop and ya, it started working.

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Then, I learned many shortcuts and tried them on my Chromebook OS, and all the debug shortcuts worked very well. I’m extremely impressed.

So today I’m going to tell you all the keyboard shortcut keys that will be beneficial for you and every chrome book user should know it first.

where is the debugging keyboard on chromebook?

Debugging function on Chromebook is located under chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts. When you enable the debugging keyboard function on a Chromebook laptop, you are all set to manage some hardware components on the laptop.

Because some of the hardware or software components are creating some malfunctioning problems on Chromebook OS. In this situation, this will help you a lot to fix troubleshooting issues.

how to enable debugging keyboard shortcuts on chromebook?

Debugging is the simplest and quickest option to debug your Chrome OS laptop or tab if the keyboard, touchscreen, or other hardware component isn’t working properly or sometimes it freezes.

So, in this situation, Chromebook has an option called Chromebook debug shortcuts, with the help of it, you can fix it in just a single click.

So here are steps you can follow to enable Debug Button Shortcuts.

Step 1. First of all, open your Chrome browser and enter or copy past the following path in the URL section bar.


Step 2. After following the above path, you will get many options, some are Enable or Disable. But you will see most of the experiments are set to defaults.

Among all the options, you have to find out, “Debugging tools for UI” or “Debugging keyboard shortcuts”. Which is set to “default” from scratch. “Enable” it.

debugging keyboard shortcuts chrome

Step 3. You will get a message below, that suggests you to “Relaunch” your browser. So that all changes can take effect. Click on “Relaunch”, the browser will restart automatically. That’s it all changes are applied now.

debugging keyboard enable

How to enable/disable hardware component on chromebook OS.

Now you will know, how to turn off touch screen on Chromebook. Enable touch screen on Chromebook, turn off/on keyboard in few steps, and fix other debug issues.

Once you have done the above steps, you can control hardware using few keys, here is the list.

Shift+Search+TEnable and Disable the touchpad when not working.
Shift+Search+PTo capture screenshot.
Ctrl+Switch-WindowIt will warm the application processor reset on chrome os.
Power+RefreshEC reset.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+TTurn on/off the tablet mode and clamshell mode.
Alt+Volume Up+RIt will switch between virtual terminals switching on chromebook os.
Ctrl+Alt+F1 (or F2, F3, or F4 and so on)To capture screenshots.


Chromebook is a great device, no doubt. I personally used the above shortcut keys to fix troubleshooting on my chromeOS and it works. So you can too use these keys to control your chrome book hardware and software components.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How to fix if, chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts will not open?

If you can’t access the experimental page on chromeOS, might be you are not logged in as an administrator. Only the administrator can make any changes to it.

What does Ctrl + Shift + D do on a Chromebook?

Want to bookmark all open tabs on Chrome browser, press three keys together. “Ctrl + Shift + D” to bookmark all open tabs

What does Shift + Ctrl + Q do on Chromebook?

This shortcut will sign out you from your Google account.  Only you have to press Shift + Ctrl + Q (twice), that’s it. This shortcut only works with US-based Chromebook with QWERTY keyboard.

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